Postdoc and PhD stu­dent po­s­i­tions in cell bio­logy / neuro­bi­o­logy / bio­chem­istry

The University of Helsinki is a leading Nordic university with a preeminent role in life science research. Helsinki Institute of Life Science, HiLIFE, is a new life science institute at the University of Helsinki supporting high quality research across campuses and life science faculties.

The Cellular Individuality group led by Assistant Professor Juha Saarikangas is now searching for talented Postdoctoral researchers and PhD students. Our newly established and well-funded team investigates how global changes in protein folding and assembly states give rise to spatially organized and adaptive biochemistries in cells.
This is pursued in two models:
1. We are characterizing how changes in cellular proteome give rise to phenotypic variability during aging using the single-celled organism budding yeast as our model. We aim to uncover fundamental molecular processes of aging, which can also lead to better understanding of the root causes of aging-related disorders (see e.g., Saarikangas et al. 2015 eLife, Saarikangas et al. 2017 Curr Biol)
2. Using neuronal cells as a model, we are investigating the how synaptic proteins are reorganized in response to transient external signals and how this gives rise to long lasting biochemical changes that constitute the synaptic basis of memory (see e.g., Saarikangas et al. 2015 Dev Cell).

These projects are pursued using multidisciplinary approaches, including proteomic screens, biochemical reconstitutions, genome editing, live-cell imaging, and microfluidics.

We are now looking for highly motivated and forward thinking scientists with passion for research to join our growing team. Background in molecular cell biology, genetics, developmental biology, biochemistry or neuroscience is desirable. Postdocs are also encouraged to develop their own research lines.

We provide an international and stimulating work environment that offers unique opportunities for conducting cutting-edge science, establishing collaborations, and utilizing and developing new technologies. The full-time positions are offered for 2 years with a possibility for extension up to 5 years. The starting time is negotiable. The positions come with a competitive salary and benefits in accordance with the University of Helsinki regulations. A six-month trial period will be applied.

The positions are open until January 31 2019, or until suitable candidates are found. The application should include the following documents as a single pdf-file: a motivation letter describing your research interests (max 1 page), a CV, and contact information of at least two referees. To apply, please submit your application using the University of Helsinki electronic recruitment system by clicking on Apply for the position.

For informal inquiries, please, contact juha.saarikangas(at) For technical support regarding the recruitment system, please, contact rekrytointi(at)

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