What’s the fun in spending a huge chunk of money on a customer support team that struggles to provide customers optimal support other than standard working hours. In the end, losing customers by keeping them queued for long!

You need to automate your Live Chat Support Service!

Want to know how? Keep reading…

To make things easier, I have narrowed down to these 3 ways AI Chatbots reduce your customer support cost.

Chatbot = no more Queued Customers.

A chatbot will not only provide a timely response to the customers but also give you the benefit of generating leads while simulating the conversation with them.

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Chatbot is Always There!

Chatbot offers your business with responding to all kinds of customer queries at any time of the day.

Even if a chatbot is unable to solve complex issues for your customers, giving them an immediate and personalized response goes a long way.

Chatbot provides Personalization.

Your chatbot can keep a track of your customer’s data and that way whenever they interact with your chatbot, it immediately knows your customer’s stats.

Customers can enjoy feeling special and at the same time your chatbot has got you some leads.

Win, Win is’t?

Now comes the fifty dollar Question:

Precisely, these are the 6 factors that makes a chatbot right for you:

  1. Non technical stuff, in other words; easy sign up, setup and customization of chatbot
  2. No third party integrations
  3. Emergency SOS in case your chatbot fails to respond
  4. Coping mechanism when it does a.k.a machine learning
  5. Storing customers information = lead generation
  6. And last but not least the price

Keeping these in mind, Botsify provides customer support service for you exactly how your business needs!

Hear it from the others: This app helps you build Facebook chatbots without learning how to code

What Botisfy offers:

In-app integrations

Botsify has taken the burden off of your shoulders and has enabled these integrations for you

Easy Setup

You can literally create a chatbot for your website with Botsify in just a minute so you do not have be the tech person to setup your chatbot.

Human Take over

Botsify allows you to talk to your customers by turning it off temporarily, if your chatbot is having a difficult time.

Machine Learning

You can teach your chatbot anytime you want; Botsify keeps a record of each query that your chatbot fails to provide an answer.

Lead Generation

Botsify provides conversational forms that your chatbot uses to gather customers data and keep it stored for later use.


Unlimited chatbots, 30,000 unique users, multiple broadcast messages and much more; choose your plan.


It’s time you destress yourself by automating your live chat support service and let a chatbot take care of your customers.

Don’t believe us?

Try out our 14 days free trial and see for yourself!

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