Eargo Neo “Invisible” Hearing Aids: CES 2019

Hearing aids have been getting a lot better over the years thanks to the tiny electronic hardware that can be packed inside and smart algorithms that produce great sound.

Eargo is a company that’s trying to introduce new features to hearing aids to make them more comfortable, easier to use, and cheaper to afford, an important issue in this field.

The new Eargo Neo hearing aids are almost invisible when inside the ears. They have tiny “Flexi Palms” soft tips that keep the hearing aids inside the ear comfortably while optimizing the sound quality. They have a 16 hour battery life per charge, but a recharge case can be used to refresh the Neos on the go. Something useful when taking a plane ride.

Check out our interview with Daniel Shen from Eargo about the company’s new hearing technology:

Product page: Eargo Neo…

Flashback: Destigmatizing Hearing Loss with Technology: Interview with Eargo CEO Christian Gormsen…

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