Everyone wants to get the word out on 5G. (What’s 5G? Read What Is 5G? for the answer.) For now, as we wait for true 5G networks to launch, it’s mostly about marketing. Thus T-Mobile, which has a stake in how 5G is perceived, did a study to “understand consumer attitudes and perceptions of 5G today.” The company had HarrisX contact 5,009 consumers with internet-enabled devices across 22 major markets during the second week of December of 2018.

The findings show a full 55 percent of respondents believe it’s “very important” to invest in “technological innovation;” 39 percent said it’s only “somewhat important.” The remaining 6 percent (due to rounding, these results don’t always hit 100 percent) apparently are fine with their flip-phones and half-megapixel cameras. Read more…

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