Artificial Intelligence Weekly – Artificial Intelligence News #92 – Dec 13th 2018

In the News

A radical new neural network design could overcome big challenges in AI

Researchers borrowed equations from calculus to redesign the core machinery of deep learning so it can model continuous processes like changes in health.

The friendship that made Google huge

Coding together at the same computer, Jeff Dean and Sanjay Ghemawat changed the course of the company—and the Internet.

Alibaba already has a voice assistant way better than Google’s

It navigates interruptions and other tricky features of human conversation to field millions of requests a day.

Also in the news…

  • DeepMind has announced AlphaFold: an AI to predict the 3D structure of a protein based solely on its genetic sequence. More
  • Waymo is introducing the Waymo One, a fully self-driving service in the Phoenix Metro area. More


Community-driven site listing recent and interesting papers to help you review the state-of-the-art in NLP, computer vision, game playing, program synthesis etc.

AI Index 2018 Report

Long and detailed report on A.I. research activity, industry activity and technical performance for 2018.

Predicting the real-time availability of 200 million grocery items

Details on Instacart’s model to continuously monitor and predict the availability of 200 million grocery items.

Software tools & code

Deepdive into Facebook's open-source Reinforcement Learning platform

“Facebook decided to open-source the platform that they created to solve end-to-end Reinforcement Learning problems at the scale they are working on. So of course I just had to try this 😉 Let’s go through this together on how they installed it and what you should do to get this working yourself.”

Machine Learning Basics – Gradient Boosting & XGBoost

Like Random Forest, Gradient Boosting is another technique for performing supervised machine learning tasks, like classification and regression.


Amazon’s homegrown chips threaten Silicon Valley giant Intel

Amazon is upping its efforts to build its own CPUs, in particular what it calls the Inferentia, a chip specifically designed for ML inference.


3 common data science career transitions, and how to make them happen

Some inspiration

The deepest problem with deep learning

Some reflections on an accidental Twitterstorm, the future of AI and deep learning, and what happens when you confuse a schoolbus with a snow plow.


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