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I don’t think Tumblr will die soon, nor would I “leave,” but if engagement declines here my updates will too. I don’t have another website where I post the same type of content that I do here but maybe one day. 

If you just want to follow me for one reason or another, here are my other accounts. They’re also in in case you lose this post. 

I tend to use this account to support my fellow journalists with jobs/retweets/any good articles about media, science journalism, and scicomm, but also some weird animals. 

I haven’t really curated this yet. It’s mostly my life. Sometimes it’s just like videos of fun stuff like bikes and skates and road trips and art WIPS, but also dead animals. So it’s a little on-brand. 

Meant to be a sister to this site. In reality this page is pretty inactive, but swing on over and give it a “like,” so if I do start updating there instead of here, you’ll have it on your feed. Let me also give a shout to my FB group Animal Remains Law and Ethics if that’s your speed. 

Some animations and tutorials, again something I don’t update all the time, but if you subscribe you’ll know when I do. Go watch my 360 video!

Stick around and I’ll post again if anything changes! 

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