Toward a solution for cardiac failure in the newborn.

Toward a solution for cardiac failure in the newborn.

Xenotransplantation. 2018 Dec 11;:e12479

Authors: Platt JL, West LJ, Chinnock RE, Cascalho M

The newborn infant with severe cardiac failure owed to congenital structural heart disease or cardiomyopathy poses a daunting therapeutic challenge. The ideal solution for both might be cardiac transplantation if availability of hearts was not limiting and if tolerance could be induced, obviating toxicity of immunosuppressive therapy. If one could safely and effectively exploit neonatal tolerance for successful xenotransplantation of the heart, the challenge of severe cardiac failure in the newborn infant might be met. We discuss the need, the potential for applying neonatal tolerance in the setting of xenotransplantation and the possibility that other approaches to this problem might emerge.

PMID: 30537350 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

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