Artificial Intelligence Weekly – Artificial Intelligence News #91 – Nov 29th 2018

In the News

How cheap labor drives China’s A.I. ambitions

Cheap manual labor is one of the current requirements for large AI developments. China has a lot of inexpensive labor force and is making it one of its key advantages to become the AI world leader by 2030.

Is the Chinese billionaire Jack Ma using AI to create dystopian cities?

“News that tech giant Ma is a member of Communist party of China should set alarm bells ringing – and not just in China”

One of the fathers of AI is worried about its future

Yoshua Bengio wants to stop talk of an AI arms race and make the technology more accessible to the developing world.

Also in the news…

  • US commerce department proposes new export restrictions on AI. Tweet, Report
  • Fearful of gender bias, Google blocks gender based pronouns from Smart Compose. More


Easy-to-read summary of important AI research papers of 2018

Lack time to read research papers? Have a look at this great summary of some of the main ideas found in recent research papers, along with comments from the community.

Beating the state-of-the-art in NLP with HMTL

Multi-Task Learning is a general method in which a single architecture is trained towards learning several different tasks at the same time. Here’s an example with such a model (HMTL) trained to beat the state-of-the-art on several NLP tasks.

Why bigger isn’t always better with GANs and AI art

Looking at GANs less from a performance standpoint and more from an artistic one.

Automated testing in the modern data warehouse

“If data issues have lasting consequences, why are we less sophisticated at testing than our software developing counterparts?”

Measuring what makes readers subscribe to The New York Times

How the NYT builds fast and reusable econometric models in-house

Software tools & code


A new state of the art in Image synthesis

Best Deals in Deep Learning Cloud Providers

Comparing prices to train models on GPUs and TPUs with AWS, Google, Paperspace, and others.


Basic Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) design concepts

Graphics pipeline, vector processing along with the other graphics operations. Useful to have in mind when wading into GPU-powered ML training.

Some inspiration

Portrait of Li Fei-Fei

Former Professor at Stanford University in Computer Vision, now Chief Scientist for Google Cloud AI — on her “quest to make AI better for humanity”.


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