Response to: 'Current recommendations for anticoagulant therapy in patients with valvular heart disease and atrial fibrillation: the ACC/AHA and ESC/EACTS Guidelines in Harmony…but not Lockstep!

The Authors’ reply

Thank you for your kind feedback1. The authors do not disagree with the confusion around the term ‘non-valvular atrial fibrillation’. Our attempt in this editorial2 was to highlight the similarities and dissimilarities within the respective guideline sets to provide practical evaluation and management strategies by our readers. Because of this, we attempted to adhere to the definitions as outlined in those guidelines. As you point out, table 1 does include the exclusion criteria in the various supporting trials. While you are correct that definitions in these trials were somewhat consistent, there were enough dissimilarities in them to prevent us from making an attempt of redefining the terms in this editorial. Knowing that we have a discerning readership, the attempt was to present the exact definitions in table 1 and provide guidance with the associated flow chart and the review of current guidelines to...

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