BlackBerry Named HIMSS Analytics Certified Consultant to Guides Organizations Through Stages of INFRAM

BlackBerry Named HIMSS Analytics Certified Consultant to Guides Organizations Through Stages of INFRAM

Today, BlackBerry announced it has become a HIMSS Analytics Certified Consultant to guide healthcare organizations through the stages of the Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM), as well as ERAM. Professionally trained on the INFRAM, BlackBerry’s cybersecurity experts can assess a healthcare organization’s infrastructure architecture and help them achieve their desired INFRAM score.

Understanding Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM)

Similar to the HIMSS Analytics Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM), the INFRAM is an eight stage model (0 – 7) that allows healthcare IT leaders to map the technology infrastructure capabilities required to reach their facility’s clinical and operational goals, while meeting industry benchmarks and standards.

The INFRAM focuses on five technical subdomains, allowing organizations to benchmark how their infrastructure operates within the following areas:

1. Mobility
2. Security
3. Collaboration
4. Transport
5. Data Center

Today’s news comes a month after the company announced several major healthcare developments, including the introduction of a secure blockchain solution to store and share medical data, an ultra-secure operating system for medical devices, and partnerships with Mackenzie Innovation Institute and Melanoma Institute Australia.

“While EMRAM focused on the effective adoption and implementation of EMR technology, hospitals can now look to INFRAM as the model to help solidify their digital infrastructure,” said Blain Newton, Executive Vice President, HIMSS Analytics. “With BlackBerry’s deep cybersecurity expertise and strong footprint in highly regulated industries we’re confident that having BlackBerry at the table will ensure the INFRAM is the gold standard for running a scalable and secure organization.”

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