Video of Eyelid Surgery Recovery and Blepharoplasty Scars After Surgery (Melbourne Case Study)

This blog contains excerpts and video links attained from one of the most popular YouTube Videos for Eyelid Surgery Recovery and Surgery Scars after Blepharoplasty (Plastic Surgery VIDEO DIARY).  Originally published 12 Feb 2018, last updated 20 November 2018.

Article topic: YouTube Case Study and Patient Diary about eyelid surgery recovery, sutures, scars, initial fears and pain levels (discomfort) after having Upper Blepharoplasty in Melbourne (Australia)

Covered by: Australia’s social media influencer and cosmetic/beauty blogger, Amea May.

Frequently asked questions about having upper eyelid surgery include:

  • Pain levels: “does having Blepharoplasty hurt?”
  • Scars and Sutures: “is getting your stitches removed after surgery painful or uncomfortable?”
  • Natural vs Surprised: “will the results look natural or will I look startled or surprised?”
  • So in today’s blog, we are sharing experts and links from Amea May’s V-LOG of her eyelid experiences.

What’s it like AFTER having eyelid surgery?  First 5 Days of Blepharoplasty Recovery (Case Study)

  • These are from her Blepharoplasty VIDEO DIARY about eyelid surgery recovery, sutures and scars.
  • Click on the patient’s video LINKS below to hear first-hand VLOG publications about her eyelid surgery recovery experiences.

Note that Amea is a social media Ambassador who aims to help others better understand what it’s really like to undergo a cosmetic surgery procedure. She has published several V-LOGS of her eyelid surgery experiences (links are shown below).

Case Study Eyelid Surgery – Australia Surgeon Dr Benjamin Burt FRANZCO/FACS

Indication for Upper Blepharoplasty Surgery:

  • Amea May chose upper eyelid reduction surgery to REDUCE genetically heavy eyelids that caused irritation and skin infections.
  • Heavy lids also lead her to appear tired and older than she actually was (she was in her twenties).
  • Her ptotic eyelid skin led to heightened allergic responses when wearing certain eye area makeup, due to eyelid laxity/chaffing.
  • Patient was in good health and followed Surgeon’s recommendations including Post-Op Rapid Recovery Package protocols.

Australia Blepharoplasty Surgeon Information

Patient Information

Case Study Format:  Video Diary (VLOG) about eyelid surgery and published excerpts.


Note: Complex cosmetic surgery such as EYELID SURGERY is best performed by an expert Surgeon, such as Dr Benjamin BURT FRANZO/FACS, who understands the sensitive anatomy and functional impact of eyelid surgery on eyes, eyelids and vision.

About one of Australian’s top Beauty Blogger, Amea May, and her eyelid surgery experiences.

Before and After Photos – note the difference in eyelids after surgery.



Educational videos about recovery time from Blepharoplasty are avialable on Amea May’s YOUTUBE channel. Be sure to subscribe to her channel and to OUR CHANNEL for Plastic Surgery information updates.

The Back Story:

In Melbourne in 2016, one of Australia’s top Beauty Bloggers (a social media influencer) wanted eyelid surgery – but when she went to investigate the healing times, she found too little information on the web about RECOVERY from Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) and what was actually involved in the procedure. So she contacted us to find out more. She ended up choosing to have surgery with our Team’s leading Oculoplastic Surgeon, Dr Benjamin Burt, and she chronicled her experiences in her Youtube Diary.

Here are her YouTube channel VIDEO links in case you’re investigating Eyelid Surgery healing and recovery times.

My Eyelid Surgery Consultation | Cosmetic Blepharoplasty Diary – Part 1

  • The first step to having cosmetic surgery – of any type – is a consultation with a Surgeon.
  • She chose Dr Benjamin Burt based on a personal recommendation from a friend as well as business colleague.
  • She has since become an educator/Ambassador for Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing and for patient education about consultations.Click on each video link, below, to review these aspects of Amea May’s Blepharoplasty surgery in her informative educational VIDEOS about her cosmetic surgery journey.


  • Eyelid lift surgery is not relegated to individuals over forty, whose eyelid skin is sagging or impeding vision.
  • People in their 20s and 30s also explore their Eyelid Lift Surgery options (officially known as a Blepharoplasty) because they inherited puffy eyelids or sagging, drooping eyelid skin.
  • Such was the case of a young Social Media influencer, Amea May, who created a patient education series on her experiences with having Eyelid Surgery (Eyelid lift/Blepharoplasty) with Dr Benjamin Burt, FRANZO/FACS, a top eyelid surgery specialist for rejuvenation of the eyes and brow area.

My Eyelid Surgery 1st Weeks of Recovery | Cosmetic Blepharoplasty Diary – Part 2 – by Beauty Blogger Amea May (YouTube Videos)

My Eyelid Surgery Stitches Come Out | Cosmetic Blepharoplasty Diary – Part 3

My Eyelid Surgery 5 Month Check In | Cosmetic Blepharoplasty Diary – Part 4

Watch more Videos by Beauty Blogger Amea May (YouTube Videos) – be sure you subscribe to her Channel and to our YouTube Channel.

We pride ourselves on helping patients understand what’s really involved with having a cosmetic surgery procedure. We take patient education about cosmetic surgery seriously; and we hope you do, too. This means we encourage patients to DO research (homework) – as well as to ask pertinent questions – to better understand procedures and recovery times.

Some important aspects of having ANY form of cosmetic surgery include understanding the surgery risks, healing times and recovery processes – as well as the different types of Surgeons who perform these complex procedures.

To be a well-informed cosmetic surgery patient – and to help with your plastic surgery research – we suggest:

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