E-Motion System for Stimulating Esophagus Helps Restart Digestive System, Cleared in EU

E-Motion Medical, an Israeli company, won the European CE Mark for its E-Motion System that stimulates the esophageal peristalsis in order restore failing motor activities of the digestive system.

Patients suffering from acute gastrointestinal dysmotility (GID), which includes many, if not most, of the critically ill, require a great deal of care and multifaceted treatment. Complications are common, so novel treatment options that work well would be welcome by clinicians in the ICU and other wards.

The E-Motion System sends patterns of electrical current through a feeding tube that has electrodes on its surface. As food is delivered to the patient, stimulation can be applied to help activate the motor function of the esophagus, and hopefully the rest of the GI tract.

Over 230 people have been treated with the new system as part four of clinical trials in Europe in Canada. Safety and efficacy was demonstrated in the form of increased gastric emptying, reflux and aspiration, as well as well as how fast patients recovered for discharge from ICU. Additionally, the in-hospital staff reported a reduced workload, an important aspect that not only improves costs but allows clinicians to spend more time on other important tasks.

Here’a promo video introducing the E-Motion System and the accompanying E-Motion Tube:

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