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STAT Plus: Pharmalittle: What did the lawmaker do with his biotech stock? Takeda edges closer to a Shire deal

Good morning, everyone, and welcome to another working week. We hope the weekend respite was relaxing and invigorating, because that oh-so-predictable routine of meetings, deadlines, and the like has, of course, returned. What can you do, though? The world simply keeps spinning, even if it sometimes causes a bit of vertigo. So to cope, yes, we are firing up the coffee kettle for cups of stimulation and invite you to join us. Meanwhile, here are some tidbits to get you going. Hope today is manageable and, as always, do keep in touch. We enjoy the tips, feedback and suggestions …

New guidelines for treating high cholesterol suggest physicians consider a patient’s family history of cardiovascular disease and, in some cases, a heart scan before prescribing medicines, The Wall Street Journal writes. The guidelines also recommend prescribing two PCSK9 inhibitors for high-risk patients when statins, the traditional cholesterol-lowering medication, do not work. However, due to their cost, one PCSK9 inhibitor should be prescribed only when the other, a generic medication, doesn’t work.

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