Recurrent thrombolysis of a stuttering lacunar infarction captured on serial MRIs

Lacunar strokes account for about a fourth of all ischemic strokes. Pontine infarcts often present with stuttering symptoms, referred to as pontine warning syndrome (PWS). Patients presenting with fluctuating symptoms can appear to have rapidly improving symptoms and thus often go untreated despite the risk of recurrent deficits. MRI carries a higher sensitivity in detecting posterior circulation strokes compared to computed topagraphy, but does not always indicate irreversible injury. Here we present the first description of a stuttering lacune, captured radiographically on serial magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), that was initially averted with the administration of intravenous (IV) tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), only to return a month later and progress on imaging despite re-administration of tPA.

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