Artificial Intelligence Weekly – Artificial Intelligence News #88 – Oct 12th 2018

In the News

Why Alibaba is betting big on AI chips and quantum computing

Meet the man behind Alibaba’s gamble on emerging tech.

The coming revolution In Software Development


Forecasting at Uber: An Introduction

How Uber leverages forecasting to build its products and services. In addition to standard statistical algorithms, Uber builds forecasting solutions using ML, Deep Learning and probabilistic programming.

Dropbox: Using ML to index text from billions of images

Getting better at Machine Learning

Problem definition, feature engineering, model debugging, productionization, and dealing with feedback loops.

Review of the Neural History of NLP

2001 to 2018

How to deliver on Machine Learning projects

Here is the “ML Engineering Loop”, an interesting and iterative approach to help developing and improving ML models.

Software tools & code

Building a language translator from scratch with deep learning

Training Deep Learning models on-device

The hacker's guide to uncertainty estimates

Quantifying uncertainty is key when exploring and using data. This post includes an interesting deep-dive into methods to estimate uncertainty.

Deepmind framework for AI safety

Specification, robustness, and assurance

AI Benchmark: test on 10,000+ phones for AI prowess

Some inspiration

Data mining reveals the hidden laws of evolution behind classical music

Musicologists are beginning to uncover statistical patterns that govern how trends in musical composition have spread.

Data Factories

In the wake of scandals and questions raised by data collection and privacy, here is an interesting post with some perspective on what Ben Thompson calls “data factories” and their impact on users, regulators, businesses and society.


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