In the article “Midregional proatrial natriuretic peptide improves risk stratification after ischemic stroke: Association with mortality and cardioembolic etiology” by G.M. De Marchis et al.,1 the version published ahead of print on January 10, 2018, contained some errors. The sixth sentence of the Abstract should specify “continuous net reclassification index (cNRI),” and the ninth sentence should report the significance of cNRI of atrial fibrillation at (78%, 95% CI 60%–89%, p < 0.001). In the Results section, the third sentence has been changed to “The median age of the cohort was 71 (IQR 61–80) years, and 298 (38%) were women.” Under the subsection “Prediction of functional outcome after 3 months,” the first sentence of the second paragraph should report “(AUC change from 0.85 [95% CI 0.83–0.88] to 0.86 [95% CI 0.83–0.88], p < 0.0071).” The last sentence of the Results section should specify “…a continuous NRI of 78%.” The title for table 2 should read, “Multivariate logistic and Cox regression analyses for 90-day functional outcome and mortality WITH and WITHOUT MR-proANP.” In table 4, the number (n) and percentage (%) values were reversed from row 3 through row 12, and in table 5, row 7 should have a p value of 0.35 (for dyslipidemia), rather than 0.035 as originally published. Corrected text and tables were published in the final version on February 6, 2018. The authors regret the errors.

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