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ResMed Unveils “Minimal-Contact” Full Face CPAP Mask

ResMed is releasing a new full face CPAP mask that the company claims to be its first “minimal-contact” device of this kind. The AirFit F30 mask features a cushion that avoids sitting on top of the nose, preventing rubbing of that area and disturbing the visual field of view, something that can lead to claustrophobia in some.

The straps snap-on to the mask with magnets, making putting the mask on and off quick and easy. The company claims that the adjustment system for the mask pretty much guarantees a good fit from the first time the patient receives the unit.

One nice feature, that anyone using a full face CPAP mask would appreciate, is the new QuietAir vent that ResMed has developed that purportedly is no louder than a typical bedroom at night.

“AirFit F30 is a win-win for sleep apnea patients and HMEs, and the perfect addition to ResMed’s portfolio of CPAP masks,” said Jim Hollingshead, president of ResMed’s Sleep business. “It provides an easier, quieter and more stable fit for full face wearers, while HMEs can enjoy faster setups and easier inventory management with a mask designed to fit the first time, every time.”

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