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Hyaluronic acid-containing ethosomes as a potential carrier for transdermal drug delivery.

Colloids Surf B Biointerfaces. 2018 Aug 29;172:323-329

Authors: Xie J, Ji Y, Xue W, Ma D, Hu Y

A hyaluronic acid-containing ethosomes (HA-ES) as the transdermal drug delivery system was prepared in this work, and rhodamine B (RB) was used as a model drug to be encapsulated. The obtained HA-ES-RB was then characterized by the surface morphology, entrapment efficiency, drug loading and the stability. Results showed that the prepared HA-ES-RB was spherical and showed good dispersion as well as the stability, with a particle size of below 100 nm. The skin permeation experiments were carried out in vitro with the Franz diffusion cells and the rat dorsal skins were used. It was found that the penetration effect of HA-ES-RB was much better than that of ES-RB. The fluorescence microscopy image showed that HA-ES-RB penetrated into the deepest dermis. The excellent transdermic drug delivery effect of HA-ES-RB maybe attributed from its smaller size, hydration of hyaluronic acid as well as greater potential targeting to skin and skin appendages of liposomal carriers. Moreover, the HA-ES delivery system showed non-cytotoxicity to normal cells, indicating a good biocompatibility. This work provded a hyaluronic acid-containing ethosomes which can offer a quick, high efficient, safe and self-administered transdermal drug delivery system.

PMID: 30176512 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

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