Assortment of herbal medicines of the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

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Assortment of herbal medicines of the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Wiad Lek. 2018;71(5):1104-1108

Authors: Sakhanda IV, Kosyachenko KL

OBJECTIVE: Introduction: Medicinal plants are an effective means of prevention of many cardiovascular diseases in high-risk groups. Also, they are often used as a means of adjuvant therapy. Centuries of experience in the use of medicinal plants in folk medicine is the result of their relatively high efficiency and their wide distribution in natural ecosystems, and sometimes close to human habitation. The aim of this work is to study the assortment of herbal medicinal products and to consider examples of the basic methods of treatment of cardiovascular diseases with medicinal plants.
PATIENTS AND METHODS: Materials and methods: In the work the marketing method, monitoring methods, logical generalization, grouping and graphic method of research were used. A comparative analysis of the assortment and economic availability of cardiological drugs of plant origin, presented on the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine.
RESULTS: Review: As the study showed, in the period under review the total assortment of the Ukrainian phytopreparation market had a pain of two thousand titles, namely: 2280, which was about 17%, that is almost a fifth of the officially published figure for all drugs registered for period 2001-2016 years (13,5 thousand). This is a rather high indicator, indicating the importance of drugs with medicinal plant raw materials (MP RM) for the treatment and prevention of various diseases. Among the medicinal forms of plant almost half (41,8%) falls on the share of liquid forms: solutions for internal or external use, for injections, drops, syrups, etc., 31,6% are solid dosage forms: capsules, powders, etc. More than 13% of the assortment for soft forms: ointments, liniments, suppositories, etc. Among medicines there are also medicinal herbal remedies in the form of collections, briquettes, tea, whose specific gravity is 9,1%. Other dosage forms, which account for only 3,7%, represented by aerosols (15 items), concentrates, cubes.
CONCLUSION: Conclusions: The list of plants that have been shown to reflect the main approaches to the herbal medicine of diseases of the cardiovascular system: it is the use of cardiac glycosides the first high-performance drugs to treat heart failure; the P-active compounds that strengthen blood vessels and regulate the body’s metabolism; a variety of alkaloids, including stimulating activity of the organism, which is important, such as hypotension. The analysis of the assortment of phytopreparations on the Ukrainian market showed that the assortment of medicines is characterized as a dynamic system that is constantly updated for a set of domestic drugs or registration for the first time in Ukraine of herbal preparations that have won consumer preferences abroad.

PMID: 30176650 [PubMed – in process]

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