People with advanced Alzheimer’s disease have a serious difficulty connecting to the real world. Gabriela Gomes, a graduate of University of South California’s School of Cinematic Arts, has created a unique experience-based digital solution that takes Alzheimer’s patients to a comforting place they may recognize and enjoy. This is done with a combination of a TV or projector, an iPad, Hue smart color changing light bulbs, and a stereo system. Additionally, hands-on objects that are associated with a forest or beach, for example, are provided for the patients to play with.

The TV and stereo system can display a seaside scene and play sounds recorded at the beach, while the smart lights create a mood in the room to match. All this is controlled through the iPad. To make the scene be more inspiring to bring pleasant thoughts, sand and beach objects are placed in front of the patient.

Here’s a video that gives a pretty good idea of how the system works:

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