Hi! I'm a journalist as well and, coincidentally enough,I just finished a trainee programme on science/health journalism at a newspaper (here in Brazil, where I'm from). I saw that you have a BA in Journalism as well as the master's. Do you feel like doing the MS made you improve in becoming a science journalist? I have a BA in J as well and sometimes I feel like I lack the deeper kind of knowledge you may get from majoring in bio, chem or physics, for example, bc journalism was rly easy!

I think the MS helped my skills, but the education wasn’t worth the $65k in debt. The education wasn’t really my intention anyway, especially as I already had a journalism degree. I did the program more to get my foot in the door because there was nothing at the time that set me apart from other people with journalism degrees, in a highly competitive field. There was no way I’d be in this field now if I had decided to forgo the degree when I got the acceptance letter. 

There were people with my same job title at Newsweek who didn’t have grad school and were able to do the job just as well. But many newsrooms (and employers in general) sort of just hire off a whisper network, and if weren’t for the connections I made during and after the Master’s, I would have not got that job. 

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