Facebook Kills Bots

This article debunks the news that Facebook stopped out of control chat bots talking to each other in a new language they invented for themselves.

The actual fact is that these bots were shut off because they were not performing well. Namely the language they invented was not some clever plot to circumvent humans and take over the World, it was simply a lack of rewarding bots for using English language.

Here are some videos that explain in detail what really happened.

Fear sells, especially in news headlines. So if you saw a recent headline about Facebook’s chat bots creating their own language and Facebook had to shut them down before they took over the world, rest assured that was designed to frighten the pants off you. Did it?

Steve Gibson goes into even more detail explaining what happened in this next video.

So there you have it … nothing to worry about … yet!

Want to learn more about these negotiating bots?

Here are some links to the materials published by Facebook on the matter:

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