A biodegradable synthetic graft for small arteries matches the performance of autologous vein in rat carotid arteries.

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A biodegradable synthetic graft for small arteries matches the performance of autologous vein in rat carotid arteries.

Biomaterials. 2018 Jul 26;181:67-80

Authors: Lee KW, Gade PS, Dong L, Zhang Z, Aral AM, Gao J, Ding X, Stowell CET, Nisar MU, Kim K, Reinhardt DP, Solari MG, Gorantla VS, Robertson AM, Wang Y

Autologous veins are the most widely used grafts for bypassing small arteries in coronary and peripheral arterial occlusive diseases. However, they have limited availability and cause donor-site morbidity. Here, we report a direct comparison of acellular biodegradable synthetic grafts and autologous veins as interposition grafts of rat carotid arteries, which is a good model for clinically relevant small arteries. Notably, extensive but transient infiltration of circulating monocytes at day 14 in synthetic grafts leads to a quickly-resolved inflammation and arterial-like tissue remodeling. The vein graft exhibits a similar inflammation phase except the prolonged presence of inflammatory monocytes. The walls of the remodeled synthetic graft contain many circumferentially aligned contractile non-proliferative smooth muscle cells (SMCs), collagen and elastin. In contrast, the walls of the vein grafts contain disorganized proliferating SMCs and thicken over time, suggesting the onset of stenosis. At 3 months, both grafts have a similar patency, extracellular matrix composition, and mechanical properties. Furthermore, synthetic grafts exhibit recruitment and re-orientation of newly synthesized collagen fibers upon mechanical loading. To our knowledge, this is the first demonstration of a biodegradable synthetic vascular graft with a performance similar to an autologous vein in small artery grafting.

PMID: 30077138 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

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