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Accu-Chek Solo Tube-Free Insulin Micropump Cleared in Europe

Roche will soon release in Europe its tube-free Accu-Chek Solo insulin micropump following the CE marking of the device. The micropump comes with a smartphone-like wireless remote control that features glucose monitoring and provides advice on how much insulin to administer.

Moreover, the remote control can be used to select how much insulin to inject and to initiate the process without even having to touch the pump. The user can still manually administer bolus insulin from the pump itself, in case the remote control is not available or simply when it’s easier.

The pump can be detached and reconnected without wasting any insulin, thanks to its tube-free design.

To complete the package, the system is able to interface with Roche Diabetes Care’s online offerings including the Accu-Chek Smart Pix system, which allows doctors to have a detailed and comprehensive look at the patient’s glucose levels, insulin compliance, diet, and related matters.

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