Dental Marketing Budgets and Priorites (Video)

Dental practice marketing with internet videoDental marketing helps dentists get the new patients they want.

Targeted marketing gives a doctor even more power.

“In the current economic environment, dental marketing is absolutely necessary,” said an Iowa dentist. “However, it needs to be professional and information based rather than just a bunch of hype.”

“We target baby boomers. These guys are going to have the dough and desire to get the treatment,” shared a California dentist.

Jim Du Molin and Julie Frey discuss a survey asking dentists about their dental marketing efforts:


What’s a typical yearly dental marketing budget for a dental practice?

In this survey, the average was about $48,000 per year.

What’s their biggest marketing priority?

Nine out of 10 dentists prioritize dental practice websites.

What else?

Well, in addition to Internet dental marketing in their annual budget, half of dentists in this survey also spend money on internal referral programs, email patient newsletters, and Yellow Pages advertising, and a third do direct mail marketing.

What about other forms of advertising?

Well, 30% of dentists use radio advertising, while less than 10% include TV advertising into their yearly dental marketing budget.

I’m a big fan of targeting your marketing so you attract the kinds of new patients you most want.

It’s about how you market, where you do your marketing, and which patient and professional groups you target.

Dentists need new patients – but it’s important to remember that not all new patients are created equal!

“We are working on expanding our word-of-mouth marketing – it is the most successful!” said a general dentist.

We market to MD’s in town. With a low profit picture it’s hard to find the funds to do new marketing, but vital to improving the profit picture!” said a Texas dentist.

“Some places to target are urgent care medical centers, medical ER’s, general dentists, pharmacies, and the health department,” said a Missouri dental professional. “Marketing like driving a car, requires always being alert to conditions.  Changes are part of keeping on target. Time of the year will affect your results. There are so many variables that a busy dentist needs to delegate this.”

“You can’t be haphazard with your dental marketing. I’m curious about the effectiveness of different types of marketing. What’s the most effective?” asked a New Mexico dentist.

There really is no one right answer to that question – although it’s clear that most dentists find internal marketing and dental websites to be effective.

You should evaluate the return on your investment from different marketing avenues, then use ALL the avenues that are profitable. A good dental marketing plan will include multiple channels.

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