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Information technology in Healthcare, on its own, will not create better information systems that enable organizations to function more effectively. Organizational cultures need to be changed so that the wider processes information management becomes a priority

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  • Holistic approach to long-term success Holistic approach to long-term success By continuous performance improvement To meet and exceed customer expectations
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  • Comprehensive system with continuous improvement for customer satisfaction Consultation, Coaching and Supporting the implementation of TQM Systems for Health-care Providers at international level Based upon Transparency for the better safety of patients
  • 2020
  • Online Digital Transformation. A professional resource for scientific and technical innovation solutions in healthcare,Simplifying and Filling the Gap Between Healthcare and Technology

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  • I am a laboratory student I always during ECG can't understand. Now I can interpret By ECGCardio! Eleazar Z Munford
  • It is very helpful for all medical students thanks. Medical Student
  • Very informative. CPHQ/TQM Program Ather Ali

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ECGCardio : Best Free EKG / ECG Medical Reference.


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Echocardiogram : Transthoracic and Transesophageal .


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Powerful & Easy Cardiology Medical Management Guide


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Professional Easy Cardiology MRI Guide.


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3D Interactive Cardiology Guide & Heart Golassry.


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Awesome Easy NeuroBasics Guide.

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Clinical Best Practices

Clinical Best Practices (Rules and Protocols ).


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Certified Professional In Health-Care Quality.


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Clinical Best Practices

Healthcare providers are facing difficult decisions

and considerable uncertainty when treating patients. They rely on the scientific literature, in addition to their knowledge, skills, experience, and patient preferences, to inform their decisions. Clinical practice guidelines are statements that include recommendations intended to optimize patient care that are informed by a systematic review of evidence and an assessment of the benefits and harms of alternative care options

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  • Data analytics tools and population health management software give value-based patient care a much-needed shot in the arm
  • Real Time key Performance Indicators Analytic for All Health-care Providers.Dashboards based on the right performance indicators (KPIs) will accelerate the quality and speed of the right decision-making for health-care providers. Gathering and aggregating data with the right KPIs and present a meaningful dashboard-based view.High Quality KPIs dashboard helps providers analyze their retrospective trends, analyze indications about the performance in real time, and make predictions for the future.
  • Using Online Information technology create networks to provide Healthcare Stuff with support and consults. By easily sharing their expertise outside their own institutions, it also can offer incredible value to their medical colleagues ..
  • High Quality Medical Database improves research studies and clinical trials, enrolled study participants more quickly when compared with traditional paper-based registries. Medical database plays an important role in medical information systems because of the nature of this technology and its widespread use today. The development of appropriate medical database design and implementation methodologies is an important research problem in the area and a necessary prerequisite for the successful development of such systems.
  • Integration the wisdom of experience, information based on scientific background and the perfect data analysis are the successful tools for leadership
  • The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.Albert Einstein

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    Medical News and Articles Updates Display System Based on Data Feeds and Pipes. System Works automatically and connected to social media

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  • Tool
  • QT Calculator

    QT Calculator for LQTS risk calculation ( Bazett , Fridericia , Framingham , Hodges , Rautaharju )
  • Average Waiting Time Calculator

    AWT Calculator
    Average time spent by a customer from arrival until fully served. Average time it takes a customer to start being served. Percentage of time a server is being utilized by a customer
  • TeleH Me

    Free Secure Conference
    -Up to 200 Online user Together -Voice , Video and Screen Share -Free , Without any registration -All tools needed to Group Study -Safe , Secure and Fast
  • Data Visualization

    Turning data into valuable insights. With some of the best data visualization & Analysis


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