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Electrocardiographs detect the electrical signals associated with cardiac activity and produce an ECG, a graphic record of the voltage versus time. They are used to diagnose and assist in treating some types of heart disease and arrhythmias, determine a patient’s response to drug therapy, and reveal trends or changes in heart function. Multichannel electrocardiographs record signals from two or more leads simultaneously and are frequently used in place of single-channel units. Some electrocardiographs can perform automatic measurement and interpretation of the ECG as a selectable or optional feature

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If you are a cardiologist in practice, a fellow in training, an echo technologist, or a cardiac anesthesiologist, then this is the right place to help you learn and review principles of ECG /EKG..

Disclaimer: This information on this site is meant to be purely educational and in no way should substitute for clinical judgment or be used as a means to make decisions regarding clinical care.

If you are a cardiologist in practice, a fellow in training, medical student, or a anesthesiologist, then this is the right place to help you learn and review principles of ECG.
ECG Basics:-
ECG Rate
ECG Rhythm
ECG Axis Calculation
Lead positioning
ECG Waves:-
P wave
Q wave
R wave
T wave
U wave
Osborne wave
Delta wave
Epsilon Wave
Intervals and Segments:-
PR interval
PR Segment
QT Interval
ST Segment
J point
QRS complex
ECG anatomy:-
Left Atrial Enlargement
Right Atrial Enlargement
Bi-Atrial Enlargement

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