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    Information technology in HealthCare, on its own, will not create better information systems that enable organizations to function more effectively. Organizational cultures need to be changed so that the wider processes information management becomes a priority, We provide the solution which fits your needs, management style and culture with professional effectiveness and high value. Our Clients in Healthcare : Physician, Pharmacist, Physiotherapist, Nurse, Dentist, Dietitian, Midwife




    Comprehensive system with continuous improvement for customer satisfaction


    Mission & Vision


    Consultation, Coaching and Supporting the implementation of TQM Systems for Health-care Providers at international level Based upon Transparency for the better safety of patients


    Value & Rules


    Transparency-Scientific Base-Professional Data analysis-New Technology-Wisdom-Mercy

    The Power Of key Performance Indicators System Monitoring

    Real Time key Performance Indicators Analytic for All Health-care Providers.Dashboards based on the right performance indicators (KPIs) will accelerate the quality and speed of the right decision-making for health-care providers. Gathering and aggregating data with the right KPIs and present a meaningful dashboard-based view.High Quality KPIs dashboard helps providers analyze their retrospective trends, analyze indications about the performance in real time, and make predictions for the future.

    Data privacy protection compliance with HIPAA Easy to Use Interface Lightning-fast implementation No hardware / software required Web-based Content Management (Cross-Platform) Main Dashboard Monitor (Full Customization) My Charts Specific Data Analysis (Full Customization) Data Entry Access (Full Customization) KPIs Real Time Dashboard Analysis (Full Customization) Drag-and-Drop Interface Color and Font Selection Export Data to Excel Files. Mobile Application Integration Frequently asked questions (FAQ) database Print, email response letters Comprehensive reporting capabilities Oracle, SQL server or Access database availability Group defined security and user access Built-in staff calendar


    Developing High Quality Medical Guides & Refernces Reaching World Wide Healthcare Professionals including leaders, Physicians, Nurses and Medical Students .Android, Amazon, Ios and WebApps ..Access The full Free Professional Medical Resources On The Go Here,

    TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT (TQM) Measurement, analysis, interpretation, and reporting of process outcomes , care delivery process and Patient safety .Appropriateness of procedures; Adherence to :practice guidelines, protocols, or clinical paths. Organizational systems assessment: Operational processes; quality controls; written policies, procedures, and protocols.
    PROFESSIONALS PERFORMING (QM,UM, RM, AND IC) Data collection, summarization, and aggregation.Information analysis, display, and presentation.Information interpretation, sharing, and use Ongoing communications within the organization.Effectiveness oversight.”
    CPHQ WORKSHOPS Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) Preparation Workshops,strategic and operational roles in management and leadership information management, including design and data collection, measurement and analytics, and communication performance/quality measurement and improvement, including planning, implementation and evaluation, and training strategic and operational tasks in patient safety.

    Exceeding  5 drinks per week could Decrease  life span by years ?


    That’s less than what's proposed in many countries. For example, the U.S. areas for illness command and hindrance and the American intuition organization both say forces can safely helping up to two dry helpings a day and females up to a helping a day.a helping is been as 12 ounces of brew, four ounces of alcohol, or 1.5 ounces of 80-proof spirits.a global faction of scientists looked at collections from 600,000 groups in 19 countries, who were requested about consuming customs dating back as long ago as 1964. They were followed for years afterward. groups who informed


    “The material calculations a 40-year-old consuming four units a day above the lines has roughly two years debased being expectation,” expressed David Spiegelhalter, a hazard professional at Britain’s body of Cambridge who was not referred in the study.“This works out at about a hour per day. So it’s as if each unit above lines is acting , on normal, about 15 minutes of being, about the same as a cigarette. Of education it’s up to singles whether they think this is worthy.”

    The most groups can get away with and not lift their threat of early death was about five glasses of liquor a week or the cognition, the scientists found.Many groups can helping far more than that in an individual day. The CDC says more than 38 million American people declare to binge-consuming
    once a week and drink a normal of eight helpings per intemperance.

    "The important communication of this investigation for public well being is that, if you already helping liquor, consuming less may support you live longer and debased your threat of several cardiovascular contexts."

    "The important communication of this investigation for public well being is that, if you already helping liquor, consuming less may support you live longer and debased your threat of several cardiovascular contexts."
    The CDC says that more than 2,000 Americans die each year from subacute liquor intoxication.It’s no unknown that liquor can be evil for wellbeing in other structures, too. consuming raises the threat of both cancer and intuition illness, and one examination declared that consuming
    records for 15 proportion of breast cancer cases.

    The hazard starts rising with as small as one helping a day on normal.The American association for Cancer investigation and the World Cancer investigation money propose in a clannish document that groups maximum liquor.groups who do not helping at all can have worse wellbeing, also — something that can mistake users and doctors alike. So the scientists, guided
    by Cambridge body’s Dr. Angela Wood, used only communication about groups who were actual consumers “because ex-consumers include groups who might have refrained from liquor unpaid to unfortunate wellbeing itself, as well as those who have changed their customs to gain a better manner,” they wrote.They found that the more groups consumed , the high their hazard of death analyzed with groups who consumed less.

    If a 40-year-old male moved his intake from two helpings a day to around five helpings a week, he could expect to increase a normal of a year or two to his being, the scientists communicated "We should always remember that liquor lines should act as a maximum, not a target."

    "We should always remember that liquor lines should act as a maximum, not a target." What’s the fail-safe helping? It might be alcohol, drank a small at a moment, the examination declared "alpha investigations declared that consumers of brew or alcohols, as well as indulgence consumers, had the advanced hazard for all-cause impermanence," the scientists wrote.

    "The important communication of this investigation for public wellbeing is that, if you already helping liquor, consuming less may assist you live longer and debased your hazard of several cardiovascular contexts," Wood expressed in a message.

    "We should always remember that liquor lines should act as a maximum, not a target, and strive to helping well below this beginning,” expressed
    Victoria Taylor, an elder specialist at the British intuition relation.

    The examination’s likely to be arguable, expressed Jason Connor and Wayne corridor of the body of Queensland Centre for juvenile matter mistreatment investigation in Australia."The consuming stages proposed in this examination will no doubt be described as improbable and impossible by the liquor industry and other oppositions of public wellbeing informings on liquor,” they wrote in a statement."Nonetheless, the collections ought to be widely publicized
    and they should anger communicated public and expert discussion."

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